STETTER Jack et Charles RAMOND, Spinoza in 21st century American and French Philosophy, 396 p., Bloomsbury Academic, 2019






-I- Metaphysics. Edwin CURLEY (“Spinoza’s Metaphysics Revisited”), Pierre-François MOREAU (“A Response : On Spinoza, Possible Worlds, and Pantheism”) ; Michael DELLA ROCCA (“The Elusiveness of the One and the Many in Spinoza : Substance, Attribute, and Mode”), Pascal SÉVÉRAC (“A Response : In What Way It Exists”) ; Yitzhak Y. MELAMED (“The Earliest Draft of Spinoza’s Ethics”), Mogens LAERKE (“A Response : Accidents and Modifications : an Additional Note on Axioms 1 and 2 in Appendix of the Short Treatise”) ; Martin LIN (“Metaphysical Rationalism”), Valérie DEBUICHE (“Leibniz’s Principle of (Sufficient) Reason and Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles”) ; Simon B. DUFFY (“The Transformation of Relations in Spinoza’s Metaphysics”), Céline HERVET (“A Response : Essence, Variations in Power, and ‘Becoming Other’ in Spinoza”)

-II- Philosophy of Mind. Alison PETERMAN (“Spinoza’s Two Claims about the Mind-Body Relation”), Jack STETTER (“A Response : A Puzzle in Spinoza’s Views on the Mind-Body Problem”) ; Knox PEDEN (“Spinoza’s True Ideas : Suggestive Convergences”), Pascale GILLOT (“A Response : Althusser, Spinoza and the Specter of the Cartesian Subject”) ; Michael A. ROSENTHAL (“Spinoza on Beings of Reason [Entia Rationis] and the Analogical Imagination”), Jacqueline LAGRÉE (“A Response : Analogia and Ens Rationis”)

-III- Moral philosophy. Steven NADLER (“Spinoza on Good and Bad”), Lorenzo VINCIGUERRA (“A Response : “The Knowledge of Good and Bad”) ; Hasana SHARP (“Generosity as Freedom in Spinoza’s Ethics”), Ariel SUHAMY (“A Response : A Generous Reading”)

-IV- Political Philosophy. Daniel GARBER (“Obedience in Spinoza’s Tractatus Theologico-Politicus”), Chantal JAQUET (“A Response : Logic of the Superstitious, Logic of the Pious”) ; Steven BARBONE (“Individual and Communityand its American Legacy”), Laurent BOVE (“A Response : Between Matheron and Spinoza, Something Happens…”) ; Jonathan ISRAEL (“Spinoza’s Formulation of the Radical Enlightenment’s Two Fundational Concepts : How Much Did He Owe to the Dutch Golden Age ?”), Charles RAMOND (“A Response : Spinoza’s Paradoxical Radicalism”).

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