Journée d’études sur Le discours philosophique de Michel Foucault 6.12.2023

The Center for Critical Democraty Studies
The American University in Paris
6, rue du Colonel Combes
75007 Paris
Room Q-609 and Q-801

In the summer of 1966 Foucault prepared to take on his much anticipated first position as a professor of philosophy, but unlike Kafka’s hapless countryman, Foucault did not patiently wait for the institution of philosophy to finally open its door ! He custom-built his own door by generating a model of the entirety of philosophy since Descartes, developing a combinatory matrix with four functions, four domains, and two dominant combinations, a matrix so complete it even programmed the four grand types of history of philosophy today. Yet he decided to not publish – to never publish – his diagnosis of philosophy. Why ? The mystery remains. 

To explore the mystery we will be joined by speakers including :
  • Bernard Aspe | La division politique
  • Michael Behrent | Appalachian State University
  • Daniele Lorenzini | University of Pennsylvania
  • Ariane Revel | Université Paris VIII
  • Judith Revel | Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Orazio Irrera | Université Paris VIII